Wednesday, July 9, 2014

U.S. Drought: Well Drilling in Athens, GA and Elsewhere Vital as Ever

Tough times have pressed a number of citizens in drought-stricken areas to take matters into their own hands. For instance, Central Valley farmer Bob Smittcap is looking to buy a drilling rig for $1 million to ensure that his acres of fruit and vegetable crops would survive the summer. Several drilling companies across the state are already booked for months to a year. The number of issued permits to dig new wells also soared in relation to the burgeoning demand to dig for water sources.

If this drought continues to persist, currently mildly affected areas like Georgia might soon look forward to tougher, drier conditions throughout the season. Plumbing providers such as Athens Plumbing & Well Service would have to brace as well for the incoming demand for well drilling around Athens GA and nearby locales—including demand for other services that might help residents maximize their water supply.

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