Thursday, August 28, 2014

Planning Strategies to Keep in Mind for Well Drilling in Athens, GA

A drilled well is created by making a hole in the ground and lining the upper part with casing. The quality of materials used for well service must meet certain standards, and only a team of professionals including an experienced plumber in Athens, GA can help a property owner assess whether or not a water source can adequately meet the property’s needs.

It is the team’s duty to facilitate the planning. They also take note of considerations for a well-designed water system, including water sources, pumps, pressure systems, distribution systems and water equipment. This is especially true for commercial properties and farms that use a high volume of water.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Talk With an Athens, GA Plumbing Expert About Your Heater Options

"Water heater manufacturers have until 2015 to comply with the Department of Energy’s new guidelines on heater efficiency. This will be the second revision made to the code regarding energy efficiency, with the first back in 2004. A gas-fired water heater in Athens, GA manufactured in 2015 and beyond with a storage capacity of 40 gallons must have an energy factor of 0.675. It’s a minute increase from the current 0.67, but it’s expected to bring big changes. Repositioning Extra insulation and state-of-the-art piping will certainly add weight and size to the current water heater. According to the Wisconsin Perspective:"

Friday, August 1, 2014

More and More Counties in GA Relying on Wells, Says Athens, GA Plumber

"As much of the well structure lies below the surface, it takes a special well service in Athens, GA to fix or maintain, let alone inspect, the well. For instance, the well screen at the bottom will need replacement after constant filtering. To enhance filtering capability, a gravel pack can be wrapped around the screen. More common is the problem of the water not coming up in the first place. Normally, this can be attributed to lack of power for the submersible pump, but other issues can warrant the expertise of a plumber in Athens, GA like Athens Plumbing & Well Service on site. A household in a city with a systematic sewage system and a working well exemplifies the importance of groundwater."