Saturday, February 7, 2015

Well-Conditioned Athens, GA Plumbing Keeps Your Bath Water Just Right

You’d also want your system to have both hot and cold water working perfectly to avoid the risk of being scalded, or chilled to the bone. Health and safety authorities suggest setting the temperature of hot water up to 120OF. Any higher and it only takes minutes to induce second-degree burns. Similarly, too-cold showers induce dangers of their own: hypothermia and irregular heartbeat, to name two. Incoming water is cold by default, so to get it just right, make sure you have a locally sourced and serviced Athens, GA water heater working efficiently in your home.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Athens, GA Well Service Reminds Well Owners to Be Alert for Arsenic

This involves sealing the well with clay and soil to prevent any surface contaminant from making its way into the groundwater. As many well services are also in the plumbing business, they can also repair cracks and leaks in the well system to prevent contamination. Normally, some cues for leaking or damaged wells involve a loss of water pressure or dirty water gushing out of the tap. These should your tip-off to contact a reliable Athens, GA plumber or a well service specialist.