Thursday, May 29, 2014

An Athens, GA Plumbing Specialist Can Stop Those Water Heater Noises

A professional consultation will help determine the scope of the problem before laying down a course of action. According to Machin, you can start by turning the heater off or switching it to pilot mode (for electric-based storage water heaters); you should also shut off the associated circuit breaker for added safety. The cold water inlet pipe should likewise be switched off, allowing the water within to cool for at least two hours before being siphoned off with a garden hose attached to the drain fitting.

Lime is often the prime suspect behind the popping noises. An Athens, GA water heater repairman may take the lead in stopping them by applying de-liming solutions through the hot-water fitting line; the amount of chemical to be filled must be determined by the heater’s actual tankage. The pressure release valve must be opened when the cold water inlet pipe is turned back on.

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