Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Importance of Athens, GA Well Service and Cleaning: On Contamination

Many homeowners in Georgia’s Classic City favor water well as an efficient way to get their home’s regular supply of water safe enough for household use. However, while well water is generally safe (soil acts as a natural filter), there are many factors that open it up to contamination, thus often requiring reliable Athens, GA well service from professionals like Athens Plumbing & Well Service. If your well isn’t properly maintained, you could be in danger of some of these dangerous contaminants: Bacteria Chief among the organic contaminants that could plague your water supply are various bacterial species, both pathogenic and non-pathogenic. While the latter isn’t exactly dangerous, they could nonetheless alter the water’s color, taste, and other factors. Pathogenic bacteria like E-coli, on the other hand, are extremely dangerous and should be eliminated.

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