Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Keep Your Septic Tank in Athens, GA Efficient to Keep Yourself Healthy

While it is designed to allow the segregation of waste, a septic tank is still susceptible to ugly build-ups. Even if the effluent conveniently reaches the drain field—a pipe system that releases the effluent below the ground—and becomes good soil and fertilizer, it is likely that sludge and scum will accumulate if the tank is not pumped periodically. This waste build-up can cause unhealthy scenarios like septic overflow, waste flooding, and drinking water contamination.

Every one to three years, make sure to seek reputable companies offering Athens, GA plumbing services to do the pumping and other methods of tank maintenance for you. Companies like Athens Plumbing & Well Service are equipped with the appropriate tools to keep the tanks properly functioning, as well as to keep your family safe from the ill effects of mismanaged wastewater.

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